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Ryan Nauman

VP, Product and Market Strategist

As Vice President, Product and Market Strategist, Ryan Nauman’s primary focus is on thought leadership while conducting research on capital markets, market trends, and investment analytics. Ryan’s other focus is conducting market research by gathering feedback on products.

Ryan’s main areas of work include capital market research along with educating buy-side participants on investment analytics and portfolio management concepts. His insight is disseminated through white papers, articles, training, and interviews with a target audience of financial advisors, portfolio managers, and investment analysts. Ryan’s articles can be commonly found in,, and  Ryan has been a guest on the MoneyLife podcast with Chuck Jaffe and has been quoted in leading industry publications.

Ryan also authors insightful blogs and research papers. Before joining Informa Investment Solutions in 2012, he spent over a decade in the investment management industry holding positions as an Investment Associate while overseeing more than $1 billion in assets. Ryan holds a BS in Business Computer Information Systems from St Cloud State University.


Recent posts

Q2 2015 Fixed Income Quarterly

01 Jul, 2015
While many of us are anticipating the upcoming Independence Day celebrations and the numerous firework shows across the nation, the fixed income capital market space has created their own fireworks over the past six months. Once again Drew Jamner, Credit Analyst, of Informa Global Markets (IGM) has provided us with expertise and some great insight on what transpired within the fixed income capital markets during the second quarter of 2015.

February Unemployment Surprises

06 Mar, 2015
The U.S. economy added 295,000 jobs in February, beating expectations. The unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since 2008, falling to 5.5% from 5.7%; the unemployment rate one year ago was 6.7%. February is also the 12th straight month that the economy has gained over 200,000 jobs. Forecasts were calling for a more modest number of jobs added during February as many winter storms swept through the country, but these storms didn’t slow the U.S. economy adding jobs.

Are you willing to take on Warren Buffett?

10 Mar, 2015
Maybe you would be confident to play a game of horse against him or a round of golf, but would you have the same confidence to bet against him in investing? Ted Seides, CFA, President and Co-CIO at Protégé Partners did just that. He bet Warren Buffett back in 2007 that hedge funds would outpace the S&P 500 over the next ten years. Mr. Buffett has been on the better side of this bet for the past seven years, as the S&P 500 has outpaced hedge funds. Will this...

Fixed Income Quarterly - Q1 2015

03 Apr, 2015
There are many great benefits to being part of a large organization like Informa Investment Solutions. One of those benefits is the ability to gain exposure and access to experts within other groups of the organization. One group that I find particularly interesting is Informa Global Markets (IGM). IGM is one of the foremost authorities for real-time market commentary and analysis covering the capital markets. We have decided to team up with an...

U.S. economy slows during first quarter of 2015

30 Apr, 2015
The nation’s economic growth slowed during the first quarter, as the gross domestic product expanded by a mere 0.2% seasonally adjusted annual rate, the Commerce Department said Wednesday. The 0.2% gain is the smallest gain since the same time one year ago, when the nation’s economy declined by 2.1%. This minimal growth during the first quarter of 2015 is also a decline from a 2.2% growth during the previous quarter. There...

What is the purpose of a public corporation?

12 May, 2015
One of the things I still remember from my business courses at St. Cloud State University was that a corporation’s primary purpose is to maximize their shareholder’s value. Maximizing the companies’ shareholders’ return is a goal for all corporations, but should it be the primary goal? One could also say that the welfare of the employees should be a primary goal considering the corporation is the employee’s livelihood. Debt holders can also be considered a...

PSN Top Guns Q1 2015 - New Highs with Minimal Gains

28 May, 2015
Since 2000 Informa Investment Solutions has produced an elite list of separately managed account (SMA) Managers referred to as the PSN Top Guns list. Every quarter PSN ranks thousands of SMA products across dozens of universes. Looking at short- and long-term return and risk characteristics, PSN identifies the top SMA products from a variety of different perspectives. Informa clients can access the Top Guns portion of the Informa website...

S&P Target Date Indices

17 Jun, 2015
At Informa Investment Solutions, we continually strive to add new enhancements and features to our products. One type of enhancement that we focus on is improving and adding to our current list of over 59,000 indexes. Over the years Target Date funds have grown in popularity for both asset management firms and investors alike. The increase in popularity for this asset class has led to the need for appropriate benchmarks to track these products. We are happy to announce that we have added...

Home Prices in Zephyr StyleADVISOR

10 Dec, 2014
Did you know in addition to using ZephyrStyleADVISOR to analyze mutual funds, separately managed accounts, ETF’s, and hedge funds that you can also compare home prices? Within the Indexes database you can find a database called “OFHEO Home Prices”. This database contains over 450 indexes that measure the average price changes in single family homes. These indexes are broken down by state, region and city.

Q2 2015 Top Guns - Greece Rekindled

03 Sep, 2015
The driving forces behind the performance of the U.S. markets are beginning to sound like a broken record. The second quarter of 2015 started off on a high note, as growing optimism over the U.S. economy, along with comments from the Federal Reserve hinting at gradual interest rate hikes, lead to early gains. However, rekindled fears over the heightened Greek debt crisis nearly erased all of those early gains.

Q3 2015 Fixed Income Quarterly

07 Oct, 2015
Records are meant to be broken, right? The third quarter of 2015 brought us more of the same in the fixed income capital market space as the records continue to fall.

Training resources at your fingertips!

13 May, 2014
Zephyr StyleADVISOR and Zephyr AllocationADVISOR are very powerful software tools and some users only scratch the surface of what they can do. With the right training, you can discover all the advanced features these products have to offer. Informa Investment Solutions currently offers weekly online training sessions, regional classroom trainings, help videos, and guides useful to both novice and power users. All training options are FREE with your subscription to Zephyr products. In addition, the Zephyr Product Support team is standing by to provide a more intimate training experience, also complimentary.

PSN Top Guns Q3 2015 - Volatility Reigns Supreme

30 Nov, 2015
While families were finishing their summer vacations and growing accustomed to beautiful summer days, quarterly gains in U.S. equity markets were also becoming habitual for investors. Just as a summer comes to an end, the third quarter brought an end to the twelve-quarter winning streak for U.S. equities, measured by the Russell 3000 index, which fell 7.25% during the quarter.

Revisiting the last Rising Interest Rate Environment

02 Dec, 2015
With an unprecedented period of easy money coming to a close and interest rates set to rise, it’s important to revisit how the bond market performed during the Fed’s most recent rising-interest-rate regime a decade ago.

2015 in Review

16 Dec, 2015
Now that the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) has announced it will commence its tightened monetary policy, and the end of 2015 is near, it’s time to reflect on what drove markets this year and consider the outlook for 2016.

Q4 2015 Fixed Income Quarterly

08 Jan, 2016
2015 has earned its spot at the top of the record books. With assistance from our colleague Drew Jamner, Credit Analyst of Informa Global Markets (IGM), we take a look back at the record setting year within the investment grade corporate credit capital market space.

Currency Hedging Amid the Great Divergence

03 Feb, 2016
Now that the Federal Reserve has finally begun raising interest rates, the European Central Bank is headed in the opposite direction. And as a result, the contrasting monetary policies are causing a divergence in the global marketplace that is creating both risks and opportunities for investors.

PSN Top Guns Q4 2015 - Federal Reserve Finally Makes a Move

26 Feb, 2016
After a less-than-stellar third quarter, U.S. stocks had a nice rebound in the fourth quarter to close out 2015.

Q1 2016 Fixed Income Quarterly

11 Apr, 2016
The torrid pace that was set in 2015 within the investment grade corporate credit capital markets has spilled over into the beginning of 2016.

Do Environmentally and Socially Responsible Companies have Stronger Market Performance?

23 May, 2016
With momentum driven by investors, Wall Street firms are critiquing companies based on their sustainability factors or ESG standards. There is a growing belief that environmentally conscious companies that manage their internal and external relationships well and maintain strong corporate governance will experience sustainable growth into the future.

Q1 2016 Top Guns – U.S. Equity Markets make a U-Turn

28 Jun, 2016
During the first six weeks of Q1 2016, the U.S. stock market was in a full-on nose dive, with the S&P 500 index dropping roughly 11% during this short period.

Q2 2016 Fixed Income Quarterly

08 Jul, 2016
Continued low borrowing costs and heightened demand from investors have urged corporate borrowers to look to capital markets to raise cash.

A Closer Examination of Drawdown Risk

18 Aug, 2016
Capital preservation strategies are popular amongst the retirement set and those with an overall unwillingness to risk losing their savings. While these approaches tap safe investment vehicles like Treasury bills and certificates of deposit, investors simply can’t rely on them alone because of their lower interest rates and inflation risk.

Q2 2016 PSN Top Guns - Brexit Vote Rattles the Global Market

29 Aug, 2016
Brexit was the dominating theme throughout the second quarter of 2016. Global markets zigged and zagged every time a new Brexit poll was released. Despite the global sell-off during the days immediately following the Brexit vote, global markets rallied to finish the quarter up 1.21% (MSCI World Index).

Presidential Parties and the Stock Market

12 Sep, 2016
A popular belief is that Republican Presidents are better for capital markets, while this belief holds water leading up to a Republican being named to office, it doesn’t hold true during the Republican term as markets tend to perform better while a Democrat is in office.

Brexit Revisited

19 Sep, 2016
The much anticipated Brexit referendum is now in our rear view mirror, but the uncertainty is far from over as Britons voted to leave the EU and will be led by a new Prime Minister during this unprecedented time.

Money-Market Reform

15 Nov, 2016
Money-market reform has been in the works since September 2008 when the Reserve Primary money-market fund “broke the buck” due to the collapse of Lehman Brothers. After eight years of deliberation by the SEC, the second round of regulations governing money market funds go into effect on October 14

Q3 2016 PSN Top Guns – Additional Stimulus Propels Markets

29 Nov, 2016
Equity markets around the world didn’t allow the Brexit results to hold them down during the third quarter, as the primary global equity markets rallied. Investors’ confidence increased as it became clearer that the Brexit fallout would have a muted immediate impact on the global economy. The Federal Reserve left interest rates untouched during the quarter and yields on global sovereign debt remained at all-time lows with a record amount of sovereign debt trading at negative yields.

The Markets in 2016, and What's Ahead in the New Year

28 Dec, 2016
2016 will be remembered for both its political and financial milestones as a year that tested the resiliency of investors around the globe. The year started with capital market volatility, but the script has since flipped, and most major market indexes look to end the year in the black.

Alternatives and Roles they play in Asset Allocation

05 Jan, 2017
In the aftermath of the Credit Crisis, diversification has come under the microscope. Portfolios that were traditionally considered diversified could not withstand the global reach of the crisis and protections failed when they were needed most. The past decade has proven that simply adding foreign investments to a portfolio does not equal diversification.

Q4 2016 PSN Top Guns - The Trump Trade

02 Mar, 2017
The fourth quarter of 2016 will be remembered as the time Donald Trump shocked the world by being elected to become the 45th President of the United States, prompting the “Trump Trade.”

Inflation - Risks and Opportunities

18 Apr, 2017
Below we examine how financial professionals can use different asset classes to help position client portfolios to guard against inflation as well as contribute to total returns. We also list some of the top performing strategies from the PSN Global Manager Neighborhood database for each asset class during years of inflation over two percent.

Passive Investments: Far From Perfect

11 May, 2017
Over the past few years the investment management paradigm has shifted. An increasing number of retail investors have incorporated passively managed investments in their portfolios. Investment management firms have responded by adding new and exotic passive investments to their product lineups.

Factoring in Factors

22 Jun, 2017
Over the past few years, factor investing, or so-called “smart beta” investment strategies, have been wildly popular—among investment product providers, at least.

Keeping Longevity From Killing Your Clients’ Retirement

20 Jul, 2017
People are living longer today than ever before, which is music to some people’s ears, as it provides more time with loved ones and the ability to have more and varied experiences. However, living longer poses an unanticipated risk—the possibility of outliving your money.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Standards Changing How Investors View Corporations

09 Aug, 2017
ESG investing was thrust into the spotlight when President Trump decided to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

Revisiting Sharpe's “Tracks in the Sand”

23 Aug, 2017
Nearly 30 years have passed since William Sharpe introduced returns-based style analysis (RBSA) to the investment world in his landmark article, “Determining a Funds Effective Asset Mix.” In 1992, RBSA became commercially available through Zephyr StyleADVISOR. Numerous other software programs have followed suite by offering RBSA within their applications.

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