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How to make the most of your Zephyr SMA data

Aug 9, 2012 Stephen Berei
The U.S. Zephyr SMA Database is a monthly and quarterly separately managed accounts database. There are about 10,000 products currently in the database with around 2,400 firms contributing.
Zephyr has recently made improvements to the Zephyr SMA database. Below are the changes made on the Client side as well as the Contributor side:
  • Alternative Strategy: Currently when using the Advanced Search feature, the product types available to choose from are Balanced/TAA, Equity, Fixed, NA, or Real Estate. 
    *New - An additional product type option has been added, alternative strategy.
  • Net and Gross of Fee Returns:  In the current version of the database, you cannot always distinguish whether returns supplied by the manager are net or gross of fees. 
    *New - With the new version of the database, you will be able to distinguish the type of returns based on the manager names. For example, manager names may appear as follows:
    Zephyr Associates, Inc.: Large Cap SA (Gross)
    Zephyr Associates, Inc.: Large Cap SA (Net)
  • Better Accuracy - Real Time Audit Reporting: *New - When contributors add their monthly and quarterly returns to our database, there is now a crosscheck for discrepancies to ensure better accuracy.
  • Uploading Returns:  *New - You can now upload returns from an Excel spreadsheet.  You have the ability to upload straight from Excel or copy and paste from Excel.  When uploading straight from Excel, the sheet must be in a specific format.
  • Print Summary:  *New - You now have the ability to view and print to PDF product summaries which includes the returns as well as all of the text fields.
We have a new release schedule for the SMA database. Previously the release schedule was 20, 40 and 60 days after quarter end. An email was sent in conjunction with those releases. Effective August 20, we will release the database to our website every Monday. Passwords will be changed monthly and will be distributed on the first Monday of each month. If the first Monday of the month is a holiday, the release and email will be distributed Tuesday or the next market day. Below are some key details to take note of:
  • Starting in September, the Zephyr SMA update e-mail will be sent on the first Monday of the month with special text indicating when data will be updated throughout the month.
  • The password will change with the first Monday of each month.
  • The data will be on the website by 8 p.m. Pacific Time each Monday.
We provide two formats of data, SQL and Btrieve. Btrieve data is a legacy format that cannot hold as much information as the SQL format. Therefore, in the SQL format there are some additional fields that are available. Those fields include Product Philosophy, Product Process, Product Buy Discipline, Product Portfolio Construction, Product Trading Strategies, Product Sell Discipline, Product Fee Structure, Firm History, and Firm Ownership. If you are currently using Btrieve and would like these additional fields, please contact our Technical Support Team and they can work with you to install SQL, barring your environment and IT group will allow you to do so, at (800) 789-5323 or
We provide several templates on our website under the template library where Zephyr SMA products can be used to populate reports. Some of the reports are specific to the Zephyr SMA database in which case you’ll see the name as “Zephyr SMA”.
We also provide Zephyr SMA Universes. These peer group categories are defined by the style of the manager. A previous blog article has been posted in regards to our methodology here.
If you have any questions or problems with the Zephyr SMA database, feel free to contact Jolie Urushibata at Some examples of why you may need to contact her could be:
  • A product or products are missing from the database.
  • Data for a particular product is not updated through the most recent date or what you feel should be the latest date.
  • You would like to contribute more products or begin contributing to the database.
  • General questions about the database.
There is NO FEE to contribute to the database with an unlimited amount of products. The contributor site is simple, easy and very user friendly. This is a great opportunity to leverage your products and we at Zephyr always welcome new companies!
I will be holding a Webex session on Wednesday, September 5th at 12:30pm Pacific Time to discuss the changes to the SMA database with a short demo. If you would like to attend please sign up for the session here.

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